25 Unbelievably Cool Offices That’ll Make You Want To Relocate

Published on November 28, 2017

San Francisco, Milan, Tel Aviv, Seattle- these cities have redefined what’s cool in office design, look, and feel. Unlike human beings, office spaces were/are not created equally — this is the beauty and creativity of art/design. From a fully equipped gym to hot air balloon cubicles, dog parks, local beers on-tap, and garden themed conference rooms, offices are designed to encourage employees to think more creatively, feel comfortable, and simply want to come to work. We’ve gathered 25 of what we think are the coolest office spaces from all around the world. And trust us, after seeing these you’re going to highly consider relocating.

TOM’s | Los Angeles, California

What happens when a creative, entrepreneurial company with an innovative approach to charity does some rennovations? You get the new TOMS Headquarters. From the bright blue indoor slide to the cutest dog park ever, TOMS has essentially created the most pleasant, quirky, fun, dog-friendly, innovative, and professional playground for adults aka an office.

TOMs Los Angeles California

TOMs Los Angeles California

White Mountain Office | Stockholm, Sweden

A nuclear bunker originally, this office is located 100 feet below bedrock. See, we told you that these offices were going to blow your mind! The white Mountain Office in Stockholm is crazy unique, as their computer lab is lit with flourensecnt black lights.

White Mountain Office – Stockholm Sweden

White Mountain Office – Stockholm Sweden

Airbnb | Singapore

Designed by (brilliant) local architecture firm Farm, the Airbnb space features several colorful flags and Kopitiam chairs, which are quite prevalent throughout Singapore. One of the consistent and super smart design elements across all of the office is the listing of the rooms. Here’s our favorite aspect of the space — the conference rooms are recreated in the available homes to rent on Airbnb, inspiring and bringing the spirit of travel to both the office and the employees.

Airbnb Singapore

Airbnb, Singapore

Uniplaces | Lisbon, Portugal

Okay, so this gorgeous, green rustic room you’re looking at is actually an open space for a student-housing-market startup which happens to be situated right in the historic Rossio Railway Station. And what’s even more special, is how they magnificently turned the station into a living garden with a wall highlighting the cafe’s arching windows, further enhancing its overall look and feel.

Uniplaces Lisbon Portugal

Uniplaces, Lisbon Portugal

AKQA | Tokyo, Japan

As a digital agency it’s inevitable that the office will be clean-cut, industrial in style, open ceilings, and filled with many straight lines/edges — simplicity. Located slightly underground provides natural lighting which is essential for its architecture firm, Torafu. The office includes an inner tree-lined courtyard, and deeper levels and raised platforms separate the various work zones.

AKQA Tokyo Japan

AKQA, Tokyo, Japan

Harmonic | Caesarea, Israel

Pick a room, any room! When video-processing firm Harmonic chose Setter Architects to revamp their office, they strategically opened up the space, creating public passageways for spontaneous gatherings. Many of the work stations are in open areas as well, but there are also private conference rooms/work areas for those who need to concentrate.

Harmonic Caesarea Israel

Harmonic Caesarea Israel

Etsy | Brooklyn, New York

If we told you that Etsy’s new Brooklyn office is basically one big hand-made creation, would you be surprised? From the lining of the walls to various fixtures hanging from the ceilings, Etsy has crafted their space to mimic their offering — hand-crafted artwork. The combination of art and nature is always a good idea, it brings liveliness not only to the space but to the workers as well. With sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, the office has plenty of plants, shrubbery, and living green walls.

Etsy New York

Etsy, New York

De Alliantie | Hilversum, Netherlands

Let there be light! The chalky/earthy-colored facade light brightly glistens the atrium’s stairwells and elevator bank, adding an amazing contrast to the rest of the De Alliantie’s bold interiors. The open walls allow natural sunlight to enter all spaces of the office including the zig-zagging stairwells and balconies. Which by the way are great places to take a quick break or chat with your coworkers.

De Alliantie Netherlands

De Alliantie, Netherlands

VCG | Riga, Latvia

The receptionist’s desk was painted using mood-themed colors such as silver, black, and white colors to convey a certain theme, look, and feel. These deep, yet basic colors compliment the room’s modernity. The curved stainless steel desk endlessly reflects the focal point in the room, the patterned carpet.

VCG Riga Latvia

VCG Riga Latvia

Lego | Billund, Denmark

Say no more, every Lego’s enthusiasts dream palace, or dream office, has finally come to life. The Lego office in Denmark is built exactly how you think/picture it would be – playing with Lego’s is encouraged any day of the week, at any hour of the day. The office and its innovative/playful atmosphere truly gives a new meaning to “work hard, play hard”.

Lego Billund Denmark

Lego, Denmark

ThinkGarden | Milan, Italy

Hands down, this has got to be one of the most rejuvenating and nature-friendly offices ever. The thought of being “trapped” in a cubicle all day, a cubicle with no windows, is enough for someone to take a sick day. So, why not bring nature, and all it’s beauty, inside? The ThinkGarden office in Milan is (essentially) one big garden. Stone-shaped bags, shrubbery, and large exotic plants, flowers ,and trees have been placed right inside the office. And get this, the office walls have been designed to make you feel like you’re in the middle of an enchanted forest — cool!

ThinkGarden Milan

ThinkGarden – Milan

Pallota TeamWorks | Los Angeles, California

“Thinking outside the box” has never been a more accurate phrase, until now. The Pallota TeamWorks office in L.A. is the result of a low-budget, innovation, and a highly creative mindset. In order to create several office spaces within a larger warehouse, your basic shipping containers were strategically customized to fit just right. An aesthetically super cool office.

Pallota TeamWorks – Los Angeles

Pallota TeamWorks, Los Angeles

Dtac Headquarters | Bangkok, Thailand

Communication is not only an important factor for the Dtac Headquarters in Bangkok, but it was also the designers main focus. In order to maximize communications, the HQ was developed with the following approach: playing and learning is equally effective as it is fun. The library amphitheatre, conversation pit, and picnic tables are some areas which help enhance communications. Oh not to mention the “fun floor” — an indoor soccer field, table tennis, running track and even concert space!

Dtac Headquarted Bangkok

Dtac Headquarters, Bangkok

Dropbox | San Francisco, California

With more than 500 million global users and over 900 employees, Dropbox is (simply) a powerhouse in the online industry. The Dropbox HQ, located in San Francisco (California), is fully equipped with all your basic/essential office supplies plus way, way more! The inclusions of a full gym and a cafe with a world-famous chef enables employees to both live and work happily and healthily. Oh, and the best part is how employees get around, or should we say skate around. Because the office is one big open space, employees can skate from one area to another as they please.

Dropbox California

Dropbox, California

Nokia | Espoo, Finland

Situated right outside of Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is the Nokia headquarters. Established in 1865, Nokia may seem like it’s disappeared due to the invasion of smart phones, but this highly successful technology business is still up-and-running. Bright colors and abstract sculptures occupy Nokia’s HQ space, in attempt to promote creativity. While we’re not sure, we really hope that there’s (at least) one interactive room dedicated to playing Snake! #bringbacksnake

Nokia Finland

Nokia, Espoo Finland

Urban Outfitters | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Okay, you may want to take a seat for this next one, because wow! Just, wow. So, in 2006 Urban Outfitters employees packed their things and moved from five different buildings of about 100,00 square ft, to a run-down navy shipyard in Philadelphia. The 350,000+ square foot project provides an epic backdrop for the brands it houses to call home. The iconic office design celebrates both the history of the Navy Yard and the retailer’s modern culture via camouflaging the old and the new. The industrial materials, open spaces and large windows allow a vast amount of natural light, which is of course an advantage for fashion designers.

Urban Outfitters Pennslyvania

Urban Outfitters Pennslyvania

BoomTown | Charleston, South Carolina

BoomTown’s new HQ is an urban renewal project. Thanks to the Raven Cliff Company (design team), the warehouse was reconstructed into a bright spacious office, providing flexible working areas for easy and effective collaboration sessions. Also, the several large gathering areas, quaint/different meeting rooms, and custom-made amenities like a bar, cafeteria, and even a dog park are clear indicators of why this dog-friendly office made our list. A custom-built dog park, please and thank you! Everything that the building includes reflects BoomTown’s motives, personality, and work values.

Boomtown Charleston

Boomtown – Charleston, South Carolina.

Etnetera | Prague, Czech Republic

Numerous collaboration zones, stadium-like seating, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and complete gym are just some of the awesome amenities of Etnetera’s new sleek Prague office. The space’s well-balanced mix of wood, white walls, open ceilings, and greenery brings a good energy to the office, as well as looks clean and highly organized. Plus, it’s a big incentive for employees to get up and go to work – fun, friendly, and professional all combined in one space.

Etnetera’s Prague Headquarters

Etnetera’s Prague Headquarters

HBO | Seattle, Washington

In order to keep Seattle’s unique look and feel, since it’s one of the coolest cities in America, HBO’s new office was built with aesthetic materials such as rope ceilings, raw steel, and exposed wood. AS HBO is comprised of many different key departments/teams, each work area is reconfigured depending on the tasks at hand. For example, writable wall surfaces and tiny touchdown areas provide space for the teams’ daily stand-ups. Also, what we love about this Pacific Northwest office is how their furnishings are adapted towards a hospitality, friendly environment, bringing a distinct yet not cliche sense of style.

HBO Seattle

HBO – Seattle, Washington

ZEO Alliance | Kiev, Ukraine

Difference zones represented by separate cubes/boxes is just one of the reasons that Kiev’s ZEO Alliance office has made our list. The explanation behind these “zones” isn’t about it looking cool, but instead its the way it soundproofs the space. In addition to these peaceful secluded “study spaces”, Soesthetic Group designed each floor as its own color and name in accordance to the alphabet. For example, “Allience” (A) is the first floor, “Believe” (B)) is the second floor, and so on. Moreover, majority of the essential features, the furniture, and various decoration elements were made exclusively for this office in Kiev.

ZEO Alliance Kiev

ZEO Alliance – Kiev, Ukraine

Selgas Cano Architecture | Near Madrid, Spain

Okay before you open up a new tab and try to send your CV to whatever company this is, first hear us out. This is (clearly) not your typical office for numerous reasons, but a main one being that it’s actually an architecture firm and not a company office. The Selgas Cano Architecture firm is rightly a brilliant masterpiece, bringing man and nature together. Built into the ground, surrounded by trees, and glass walls/windows make working in the woods a real thing. Let’s just hope that thunderstorms and/or natural disasters are a rarity.

Selgas Cano Architecture – In The Woods 15 Minutes Outside Of Madrid Spain.

Selgas Cano Architecture – In The Woods 15 Minutes Outside Of Madrid Spain.

Zendesk | Melbourne, Australia

“Humble, charming, and uncomplicated” — how Blitz design firm describes the Zendesk four-story office in Melbourne. As a background for new design elements and in an effort to respect the building’s history, the design team used the building’s original interior detailing which established a modern minimalist look with visual clarity. The overall space is very clean-cut, sharp, and perfectly organized to fit the companies core brand principles.

Zendesk Melbourne

Zendesk – Melbourne, Australia

Fiverr | Tel Aviv, Israel

The 3,6000 square-meter seven story building includes 40 conference rooms, an arcade, a fully equipped gym with showers, several cafeterias, and both open and private work space which motivate creativity, collaboration, innovation and focus. Fiverr has made our list as one of the coolest offices due to the fact that it was designed by actual Fiverr employees which deeply engages the culture of the brand and its users. Not to mention how the industrial style of the open space provide that high-tech feel and energy.

Fiverr Tel Aviv

Fiverr ,Tel Aviv

Razorfish | Berlin, Germany

Architects Bruzkus Batek have revamped the Razorfish office in Berlin, Germany using comprehensive material and spatial conception, working harmoniously with existing elements of the building’s structure. The office is comprised of two different levels which is connected by a bright yellow freestanding staircase, located in the center area. Right below the staircase is an extensive bookshelf and above it, on the upper level, is the actual office, including light-metal framed desks. “Less is more” seems to be the concept, bringing a simple yet exciting feel to the design and space.

Razorfish Berlin

Razorfish, Berlin

Google | Zurich, Switzerland

The Google offices have become renowned globally as being unbelievably cool and having amazing employee benefits. Working at Google is not only something to be proud of, but it’s also a fun and motivating experience. Google has built all of their offices (worldwide) with employees in mind, resulting in a comfortable, relaxing, professional, and highly innovative atmosphere. Thanks to the creativity and commitment of its employees, each office is more elaborate then the next, has endless resources, and has amazing employee benefits. Needless to say working at Google is pretty (pretty) awesome!

Google Zurich

Google Zurich